Oh well, I am an idiot.

I added ../kernel/htmlhelp.lib for the missing help symbol and instead
of "--export-symbol"  I switched the flags to "--shared". That way the
probelm with [EMAIL PROTECTED] goes away.

In line 968 I uncommneted heOpenWinHtmlHelp(keyw,helppath);  - so far
I have been unable to find the location where it is defined. The
symbol is present in Singular.exe, so there must be a way. Oliver, do
you have a clue?

There is also some work needed on Makefile.in because I did the work
on the console. Here we go:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /sage-2.5.alpha2/spkg/build/
$ g++ -shared  -o libsingular.so libsingular-tesths.o iparith.o mpsr
_Tok.o claptmpl.o grammar.o scanner.o attrib.o eigenval_ip.o extra.o
fehelp.o f
eOpt.o ipassign.o ipconv.o ipid.o iplib.o ipprint.o ipshell.o lists.o
sdb.o fgl
m.o interpolation.o silink.o subexpr.o janet.o wrapper.o libparse.o
gms.o pcv.
o maps_ip.o walk.o walk_ip.o cntrlc.o misc.o  Singular_res.o
slInit_Static.o mp
sr_Put.o mpsr_PutPoly.o mpsr_GetPoly.o  mpsr_sl.o mpsr_Get.o
mpsr_GetMisc.o mps
r_Error.o ndbm.o sing_dbm.o sing_win.o ../kernel/htmlhelp.lib -lkernel
nel -L../factory -L../libfac -L/sage-2.5.alpha2/local/lib -lsingfac -
lsingcf -l
ntl -lreadline -lgmp -lomalloc_ndebug ../kernel/mmalloc.o
Info: resolving _rl_line_buffer by linking to __imp__rl_line_buffer
Info: resolving _rl_readline_name by linking to
__imp__rl_readline_name (auto-im
Info: resolving _rl_attempted_completion_function by linking to
ted_completion_function (auto-import)
Info: resolving _rl_outstream by linking to __imp__rl_outstream (auto-

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /sage-2.5.alpha2/spkg/build/
$ ls -al *.so
-rwxr-xr-x 1 Administrator Kein 3831242 May  5 01:06 libsingular.so



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