I spent a few hours yesterday to rebase and polish the new fricas 
interface.  It would be great if somebody could re-review it.

I should mention that there are three remaining issues:

1) there are three non-doctested methods, where I have no idea how to 
doctest them, but they make the patchbot unhappy

2) quitting works interactively, but not when doctesting.  I have no idea 

3) turning fricas lists and matrices and the like into sage objects is 
extremely slow.  given sufficient interest, we could use the fricas library 
version instead of using the current pexpect interface.  however, this 
should really be done on a different ticket, since it would reuse most of 
what's done on the current ticket, and still be a fair amount of work.  (I 
do have a proof of concept, though.)


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