*I'm not sure if this is an appropriate topic for sage-devel but given that 
this concerns an "external Sage package" I will take a chance posting here. 
I will not be offended, or surprised, if mods delete this thread.*

I am looking for someone to take over the management, and perhaps even the 
development, of the Abelfunctions 
(https://github.com/abelfunctions/abelfunctions) Sage package. 
Abelfunctions is a library for computing with Abelian functions, Riemann 
surfaces, and algebraic curves. Most users have been downloading it for my 
implementation of the Riemann theta function but there are other 
algebreo-geometric capabilities that are of interest to people in that 
community. If this sounds like an interesting project to you I would be 
more than happy to give a developer-oriented walkthrough of the 
functionality and design of the code and be available to answer questions.

*At the very least*, I would like someone who knows the Sage package 
installation system well enough to assist with some issues that come up 
when uses try to install Abelfunctions. The package relies heavily on 
Cython which might be the source of these issues. There is some interesting 
discussion about it this 
(Where abelfunctions is explicitly mentioned.)

To be clear, I'm not running from a sinking ship. Other than recent 
installation problems the package more or less works well. I'm just a 
little burnt out by the project and am no longer interested, at least in 
the near future, to spend any time on it. Any help is appreciated.


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