Hi Thierry,

On 2016-09-21, Thierry <sage-googlesu...@lma.metelu.net> wrote:
> while trying to build and test Sage Debian Live 7.3, i notice some issue
> with meataxe package.

Thanks for trying!

> While doctests pass on the VM is was built on
> (Pentium3 kvm-emulated), the doctests give a lot of errors when the same
> binary is run on another platform (it is the same path, so it is not a
> relocation issue).
> All errors look like the following:
> sage -t --long /opt/sagemath/sage-7.3/src/sage/algebras/group_algebra.py
> **********************************************************************
> ...
>     SystemError: Cannot select field GF(169) in file matcore.c (line 130)
> **********************************************************************

Hm. That traces back to the meataxe function FfSetField, which gives a
error when it can neither read a stored multiplication table nor create
a new one.

> I do not know whether https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/20136 will fix
> this. For now, i am removing it from the list of optional pkgs to install
> on SDL.

A part of #20136 is related with finding the correct path to the
multiplication tables. So, perhaps it does fix it. Can you please try?

Just to make sure: Both systems are 32bit, right? Does meataxe work, if
you do *not* move the binary to a different platform but keep it on the
platform it was compiled with? Is sizeof(long) different on both
platforms? If it is different, then perhaps meataxe has sizeof(long)
hardcoded somewhere?

Best regards,

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