On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 6:06:50 AM UTC+2, Victor Shoup wrote:
> I looked at the singular patch, regarding the use of nothrow new.
> I dug up "ticket #852" which lead to that patch.
> In all honesty, it looks like singular is doing something wrong,
> so "fixing" NTL is just the wrong thing to do.
> So I won't implement that patch in NTL.
> This is a problem that should be fixed in singular, if it hasn't 
> been already.
> Yes this one is fishy, and as you can see I did not mention it here :)
Anyway we are currently transitioning to Singular 4 (woohoo) so there is 
hope this is not needed anymore.
In fact it was maybe already fixed before...

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