Kwankyu Lee wrote:

> On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 9:59:50 PM UTC+2, David Roe wrote:
>   In order to create finite fields with arbitrary variable names that fit
>   into a lattice of fields, one possibility would be able to give an
>   algebraic closure explicitly as an argument to GF.  Is that what you're
>   suggesting?
>   sage: F = GF(3).algebraic_closure('custom')
>   sage: K9 = GF(9,'b',Fpbar=F)
>   sage: K81 = GF(81,'c',Fpbar=F)
>   sage: K81.has_coerce_map_from(K9)
>   True
> This currently works 
> sage: K9 = GF(9,'b',prefix='custom')
> sage: K81 = GF(81,'c',prefix='custom')
> sage: K81.has_coerce_map_from(K9)
> True
> But the following betrays my expectation..
> sage: K=GF(3).algebraic_closure('custom')
> sage: K81.gen() in K
> False
> sage: K.has_coerce_map_from(K81)
> False

One reason why this doesn't work is that you gave the custom variable
names 'b' and 'c' to K9 and K81.  However, even when you omit this, it
doesn't work, which I think is a bug.

It is also possible to first construct the algebraic closure of F_p and
then construct other finite fields as subfields of this:

sage: K = GF(3).algebraic_closure('custom')
sage: K9, i9 = K.subfield(2)
sage: K.has_coerce_map_from(K9)

However, there is a similar problem here:

sage: K81, i81 = K.subfield(4)
sage: K81.has_coerce_map_from(K9)

This should return True.


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