On Trac, the milestone sage-7.3, which as been "completed", still has
193 "active" tickets (some of which haven't seen any activity on them
in years other than steadily bumping their milestone.

Anyone who's worked on a decent-sized project has had this problem
before, and it's completely understandable and excusable--you assign a
milestone to an issue, but realize it won't be accomplished soon so
you move it to the next milestone. And again, and again...

But to me it makes milestones completely worthless if we're going to
close them while still leaving hundreds of open tickets in them.  I
really have no idea how it's being decided what issues should and
should not be addressed in a Sage release.

It should always be acceptable to move an issue from one milestone to
the next if you think it will get worked on, but it can't be allowed
to block a release.  That's how we get into the current situation,
eventually, but it's impossible to avoid altogether.

But otherwise can we please remove milestones from tickets that nobody
is planning to address anytime soon?  I say "remove" because I don't
necessarily want to to mark them "wontfix" either unless someone
explicitly takes the time to determine that an issue definitely will
not and should not be fixed.


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