Consider the following code

def g():
    function("f", x)


which in SageMathCell gives the following warning messages (in Sage itself 
and SageMathCloud everything is even more useless without using an extra 
module due to ): DeprecationWarning: Calling function('f',x) is deprecated. 
Use function('f')(x) instead.
See for details.
  g() DeprecationWarning: use 0o as octal prefix instead of 0
If you do not want this number to be interpreted as octal, remove the leading 
See for details.
  g() DeprecationWarning:  html(...) will change soon to return 
HTML instead of printing it. Instead use pretty_print(html(...)) for strings or 
just pretty_print(...) for math. 
See for details.

The problem is - the first two messages go too far in the call stack and 
complain about a wrong piece of code, which is very confusing in longer 
examples. It may have something to do with Cython involved in dealing with 
symbolic functions and numbers.

The question is - what is the proper way to fix it??? Using different 
stacklevels on a case-by-case basis is too error-prone, so hopefully 
something automatic can be done in the deprecation function itself.

Thank you!

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