> On 18/10/2016, at 16:49, Victor Shoup <sh...@cs.nyu.edu> wrote:
> Interesting. Looks like the singular code is using internal, undocumented NTL 
> interfaces. I work very hard to keep the documented interfaces stable and 
> reliable, but I can't guarantee anything for undocumented interfaces.  If 
> singular is going to do that, they will have to use ifdefs or something to 
> work around the issue. Or ask me to provide an interface for some 
> functionality that they need and that I can maintain. My guess is that this  
> is related to changes I made in the transition to v10.

And you should make life difficult for abuser of undocumented
or internal interfaces. There is a special place for such people…

They already do ifdef, this is a larger extract than the
error message:
    const long * rep =
      static_cast<long *>( a.rep );
      static_cast<long *>( a.rep.rep ); // what about NTL7?


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