git-trac doesn't like me - what have I done wrong?

martin@Martin-Laptop:~/sage-develop$ git-trac push 21594
Pushing to Trac #21594...
Guessed remote branch: u/mantepse/growth_diagrams
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/bin/git-trac", line 18, in <module>
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/git_trac/", line 223, in 
    app.push(ticket_number, remote=args.remote, force=args.force)
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/git_trac/", line 216, in push
    self.repo.push(remote, force)
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/git_trac/", line 
197, in push
    self.git.echo.push('trac', refspec)
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/git_trac/", line 341, 
in meth
    return self.execute(git_cmd, *args, **kwds)
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/git_trac/", line 98, 
in execute
  File "/home/martin/git-trac-command/git_trac/", line 263, 
in _run
    raise GitError(result)

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