Hi all, Sage rookie here. I've been working on writing functions to test 
whether a graph can be embedded on the projective plane, as in Myrvold and 
Roth's paper 
I'm still working out some bugs, and working on transitioning from Sage 
functions to adding methods to the graphs class, but I think this could be 
a useful tool for Sage to have. My first step is a decomposition of 
two-connected graphs into three-blocks (cycles, cocycles, and 3-connected 
graphs) as described by Tutte and Cunningham and Edmonds (or call it 
SPQR-trees, if you like). I have this method in my local Sage source code 
and I think it's worthwhile to have in its own right alongside 
blocks_and_cuts_tree. I'd like to use this smaller method to make a first 
small foray into actual contribution to Sage.

Is it worth requesting a trac account now for the decomposition, or should 
I hold off until the whole embeddability tester is running in my local 
source code (assuming there's interest in that function itself)?

Joshua Fallon

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