Dear Sage devs & packagers, Sphinx devs, ODK participants, ...

Last year we ran a one-week long Sage developers days in Cernay, near
Paris, on packaging, portability, and documentation tools for Sage:

It was fun and productive and we are considering organizing a follow
up, on similar themes, tentatively as Sage Days 85:

Due to various constraints, this would have to be in March. If you are
interested in participating, please fill in the following poll to help
us select the dates:

Through ODK, we have funding for local expenses for all participants,
and could fund the travel of some developers with experience or
specific interest on the above themes. Please get in touch with me!

Feel free to spread the news and suggest other themes (by mail or on
the wiki) as well.

Nicolas M. ThiƩry "Isil" <>

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