Hi all,

We have released mpir-3.0.0-alpha1 to give people the opportunity to report
any issues on Linux before we start issuing release candidates.

N.B: this alpha release is Linux only! We will issue an alpha with
MSVC/MinGW support as soon as the Windows build files are finalised.

N.B: when testing MPIR on Linux, if the first line of ./configure shows
that your machine is detected as x86_64 or something old like core2 or k8,
then your machine probably isn't supported and MPIR will run very slowly!

We plan to start doing release candidates (for Linux, at least) early next
week, with a final release at the end of the month. Download
MPIR-3.0.0-alpha from:


Note that you now need to have the latest yasm to build MPIR.


To build yasm, download the tarball:


To test MPIR, download the tarball:

./configure --enable-gmpcompat --with-yasm=/path_to_yasm/yasm
make check

Major changes in MPIR-3.0.0 are:

* Separate yasm from MPIR build (use --with-yasm=/path_to_yasm/yasm with
MPIR's configure, or install yasm systemwide if you prefer)
* New Intel Skylake assembly support due to Jens Nurmann, Alex Kruppa and
* New Intel Haswell assembly support due to Alex Kruppa and GMP
* Rudimentary Broadwell support (no optimisation)
* Improved AMD Bulldozer support due to Alex Kruppa
* Faster mpz_powm, mpz_powm_ui from GMP
* New mpz_limbs functionality from GMP 6
* New mpn_sizeinbase, mullow_n_basecase, binvert, redc_1, redc_2, redc_n
functions from GMP
* New mpn_nsumdiff_n function (speeds up FFT on haswell)
* Visual Studio 2017 support due to Brian Gladman
* mpir.net for interface to .net languages due to Alex Dyachenko
* Appveyor-CI support
* GMP 6 compatibility
* Numerous bug fixes

Known issues with the 3.0.0 release:

* No Intel Broadwell optimisation
* No Intel Kaby Lake support
* No AMD Steamroller support
* No AMD Excavator support
* No ARM64 support
* No ARM-UWP support
* New GMP 6.1 functionality not fully supported
* Tuning values for many architectures missing

As all MPIR funding has now run out, MPIR is again maintained by community
volunteers. Patches in the form of complete GitHub Pull Requests are very

This release of MPIR was supported in part by the OpenDreamKit EU
Horizon2020 grant. In particular, Alex Best and Alex Kruppa wrote an
assembly superoptimiser which has been used to superoptimise for some of
the above architectures.

The main contributors to this release were:

   Alex Best, Alex Kruppa, Brian Gladman, Jens Nurmann, Alex Dyachenko, JP
   Flori, Isuru Fernando, William Hart

As usual we would also like to acknowledge the GMP developers for their
indirect contribution through the official GNU project, and numerous others
who submitted tuning values, bug fixes or bug reports. Other contributors
to this release include:

   Tommy Hofmann, Averkhaturau, Marcell Keller, Sergey Taymanov, sav-ix

Thanks to William Stein for providing access to a Bulldozer machine.

Bill Hart.

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