X on itself

-1 in combination with G3. Namely, in G3 you want that the one-line
description does not specify the output clearly, and in G4 you want
that a more-than-one-line description of the output is missing as
well. And that would be desastrous.

On 2017-05-17, Kwankyu Lee <ekwan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We do a poll for adopting an official guideline for docstrings (see 
> https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/23017)
> --------
> G4. OUTPUT block is optional
> --------
> The developer manual says OUTPUT block is not optional. But I think the 
> first statement of the docstring "Return an object ..." already describes 
> what is output. Hence usually the OUTPUT block is redundant and is needed 
> only when more explanation about the returned object is necessary.
> If you agree, flag +1; if you disagree, flag -1; if you want to leave it as 
> it is, flag X.

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