Hi everyone,
I've set up a server running Zulip for realtime collaboration on Sage.  You
can try it out at zulip.sagemath.org.  More details below....

Zulip is an open source group chat program (see their website
<https://zulip.org/> and chat room <https://chat.zulip.org>).  Zulip is
organized into streams, and within each stream you can narrow by topic.
I've set up a bunch of streams to start us off, but you can also create
your own.

*Signing up*
You can register using a google account, a github account, or by entering
an e-mail and password.  Note that the e-mail settings are not yet fully
configured, so e-mails will most likely go to your *spam filter*; check
there first.  If you have other problems registering, please let me know.

There is a set of default streams that you will be subscribed to when you
join, but there are lots more that you can find in the Manage Streams menu
in Settings.  For example, you might want to subscribe to the "number
theory" and "padics" streams, or to the "combinatorics" and "porting"

*Integration with Trac*
I've set up a bot so that every update to trac gets sent to the trac stream
and to a stream for the component (e.g. trac-padics); you can either
subscribe to "trac" to get all notifications or to a set of components.
Since trac's wiki language isn't the same as markdown, some of the
formatting will be off.  If you're interested in improving the bot, let me

For now, I want to see how well Zulip works for the Sage developers (for
example, with enough critical mass of users it might become a good place to
find people to review your tickets). Eventually, I could also see Zulip
also being valuable as a place where users could ask questions.  Some of
the streams that I've set up are with this aim in mind.

Hope to hear from you on Zulip!

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