On Mon, 7 Aug 2017, William Stein wrote:

If anybody else finds this sad, I think Robert Bradshaw wrote "./sage 
-startuptime".  If you try it on sage-8.0, you'll find the worst offenders are: 

    15.155     15.227          2  sage.combinat.posets.hasse_diagram

1) Is this because of automatic TOC for a module? At the end there is

from sage.misc.rest_index_of_methods import gen_rest_table_index
__doc__ = __doc__.format(INDEX_OF_FUNCTIONS=gen_rest_table_index(HasseDiagram))

2) Or does it relate to some from __future__ import or from six.moves import?

3) Why is this called at startup? I.e. what poset (or lattice) is in the global namespace?

Jori Mäntysalo

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