Le 07/08/2017 à 11:54, Erik Bray a écrit :

> I'm working on a better solution to this as part of a more general
> reworking of how Sage's dist handles dependencies that can be
> fulfilled by multiple packages (in this case the dependency being
> 'python'--specifically the Python used for Sage itself).  I have a
> prototype at [1] but there are several things about it I'm unhappy
> with, and I want to redo it on top of some even lower-level overhauls
> I'm working on (e.g. [2]).

I would like to make the point that having a packaging which is :
- versioned ;
- with dependency resolution ;
- including virtual packages ;
is definitely a sage-as-a-distribution problem.

Please take into account that sage-as-a-software should be kept easily
package-able by other distributions.

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