I will be happy to test as soon as source code is modified. Just let me 
 - Richard

On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 2:22:24 AM UTC-7, Eric Gourgoulhon wrote:
> Hi,
> Le vendredi 11 août 2017 08:12:42 UTC+2, David Roe a écrit :
>> Note that this is changed in
> This is not the same part of manifolds code: #23592 
> <> deals with comparison of points 
> (sage.manifolds.point.ManifoldPoint.__eq__), while the issue discussed here 
> is related to assignment of tensor components 
> (sage.tensor.modules.comp.CompWithSym.__setitem__). Since only nonzero 
> components are stored, the test  
> elif value == 0:
> is performed in line 3263 of  src/sage/tensor/modules/
> Now, as pointed by Ralf and similarly to what has been done in #23592, one 
> could weaken this test to 
> elif value.is_trivial_zero():
> In this way, Maxima will not be called and, in addition to fixing the 
> above bug, one could expect a significant speed-up.
> I am going to open a ticket on this.
> Eric.

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