I thought this was a good post on the python-dev mailing list, and an
even better talk (the link to the youtube video--the actual talk
starts about 7 minutes into the video).  Not bringing this up here for
any specific reason: I think this community does pretty well in terms
of cordiality and mutual respect, but we all have bad days, and most
of us (myself included) can always do better.


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From: Brett Cannon <br...@python.org>
Date: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 3:16 AM
Subject: [Python-Dev] Friendly reminder: be kind to one another
To: python-dev <python-...@python.org>

Over the last 3 days I have had two situations come up where I was
asked for my opinion in regards to possible CoC violations. I just
wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that open source
does not work if we are not open, considerate, and respectful to one
another (which also happens to be the PSF CoC that we are all expected
to follow when working on Python). When we stop being kind to each
other is when open source falls apart because it drives people away,
and for a project that is driven by volunteers like Python that will
be what ends this project (not to say people should be rude to
corporate open source projects, but they can simply choose to switch
to a core dump approach of open source).

I gave a talk at PyCascades this past week on setting expectations for
open source participation: https://youtu.be/HiWfqMbJ3_8?t=7m24s . I
had at least one person who was upset about no one getting to their
pull request quickly come up to me afterwards and apologize for ever
feeling that way after watching my talk, so do please watch it if you
have ever felt angry at an open source maintainer or contributor to
help keep things in perspective.

I also wanted to say that I think core developers should work extra
hard to be kind as we help set the tone for this project which can
leak into the broader community. People with commit privileges are not
beyond rebuke and so people should never feel they are not justified
speaking up when they feel a core developer has been rude to them.

Anyway, the key point is to remember is that people are what make this
project and community work, so please make sure that you do what you
can to keep people wanting to participate.

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