Hi, the following script

def test(m,c,precision):
    M = 3*m
    RRR = RealField(prec = precision)
    coef02 = [RRR(1/i) for i in [1..M+1]]
    g = coef02[M]
    for i in [M-1..2,step=-1]:
        g = x*g+coef02[i]
    ME = 32
    disk = [exp (2*pi.n(precision)*I*i/ME) for i in range(ME)]
    epsilon1 = max([abs(g(x=z)) for z in disk])
m = 40
for c in [1/2..10,step=1/2]:
    for ell in [1..10]:

runs smoothly on my Sage 7.5.1 (ppa for Ubuntu 14.04/Mint 17.3) and takes 
2.5% of my memory. But in Sage 8.1 (64bit bynary for Ubuntu 14.04) memory 
consumption slowly increases up to 7.3%. If I increase the length of the 
loops, memory consumption continues to increase. I already got a better 
implementation of the script on ask.sagemath, but I think this is a 
regression wrt 7.5.1.

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