Le mardi 6 mars 2018 13:17:56 UTC+1, Meghana.M Reddy a écrit :
>  ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> t/24909/boruvka_algorithm_for_mst (hook 
> declined)
> error: failed to push some refs to 'g...@trac.sagemath.org:sage.git'
The target on trac does not seem correct; the syntax of the push command 
should be

git push trac HEAD:u/user_name/branch_name

where user_name is the user name of your trac account. It seems that you 
used the ticket number instead (24909), which of course, is not a valid 
user name. If you want the latter to appear, you should put it after the 

git push trac HEAD:u/user_name/24909/branch_name

Best wishes,


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