Let me try to make the case for making JupyterLab a standard package.


According to a recent post on the Jupyter blog [0],

- JupyterLab is ready for daily use.
- JupyterLab will eventually replace the classic Jupyter Notebook.
- JupyterLab has been over three years in the making, with over 11,000 
  and 2,000 releases of npm and Python packages. Over 100 contributors from
  the broader community have helped build JupyterLab in addition to our core
  JupyterLab developers.

See [1] for other posts tagged "jupyterlab" on the Jupyter blog.


ThebeLab [2] is a reimplementation of Thebe as a thin layer on top of
JupyterLab (making it more sustainable), and is needed for ongoing work [3]
to restore the possibility of making the Sage documentation live, which
we had with the legacy SageNB notebook.


I want everybody to be able to try it out by typing

    sage -n jupyterlab

as was allowed by [4], without having to first run

    sage -pip install jupyterlab


To address William's question, the dependency on Python3 is not an obstacle,
since (as Dima mentioned) Python3 has been a standard package in Sage for a
while now. Actually, a sage-devel discussion started on 2017-11-29 and
reactivated on 2018-03-13 (today), reports amazing progress on making Sage
work with Python3.


[0] [2018-02-20] JupyterLab is ready for users

[1] posts tagged "jupyterlab" on the Jupyter blog

[2] Thebelab -- turning static HTML pages into live documents

[3] SageMath #24593: Upgrade from Thebe to ThebeLab for live documentation 

[4] SageMath #22215: Allow "sage -n jupyterlab"

[5] sage-devel discussion: A little Python 3 status update

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