I remember somebdy implementing directly in Ipython at some Sage days
(there is a way to plug hooks as we do with the preparser). The hook
itself was very naive (just a while loop catching NameError in sage_eval).

I am not able to find any trace of it.

But +1 for the feature at IPython level.

On 13/03/2018 18:32, Erik Bray wrote:
Paul Zimmerman pointed out to me that there's a feature of the legacy
Sage Notebook, automatic_names() [1], which turns on automatic
creation of symbolic variables and functions when they are not already
defined.  For example, by default if you enter:

     sage: x + y + z

you get:

     NameError: name 'y' is not defined

('y', in this case, because 'x' is pre-defined as a special case).
With automatic_names(True) it inserts a shim into the Sage syntax
pre-processor that automatically creates variables from names not
already found in globals().

I see no reason this feature needs to be confined to the legacy
Notebook, as opposed to being in Sage proper.  Then that feature would
be usable at the command-line, as well as in the Jupyter Notebook.



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