Related with #18514 (Upgrade of group cohomology spkg), two or three
questions came up:

One part of the spkg is an autotoolised library. Autotools generates
some install.sh script, whose permission do not include execution.
Nonetheless on my machine the package installs fine, whereas John
Palmieri reports that he had to change permissions first before getting
it to work on OS X.
So, question: Do I need to manually change the permissions of scripts
generated by autotools in my spkg?

John also reports that when installing the package, its two dependencies
have been *automatically* installed.
Question: Is that really what should happen? I expected that a missing
dependency would just give rise to an error, with a message stating
what dependencies the user should install.

Moreover, the automatic installation of one of the dependencies (namely
meataxe) was incomplete: One needs `sage -b` to make meataxe work,
but the automatic installation of dependencies didn't do `sage -b`.
Question: How to deal with that?

Should maybe the installation of a package automatically trigger `sage
-b`, provided that the package installation happens after installation
of the sage library?

Anyway, it should be possible for an optional package to require
`sage -b` before or after its installation.
Suggested syntax: Including `sagelib` into the list of dependencies
of a package should trigger `sage -b` before installation.

Best regards,

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