is ready for review now; in 
particular it reverts the change back to gcc, so staying with clang,
and fixes the crashes on OSX from #25113.

On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 8:46:35 AM UTC+1, wrote:
> I just made a "git pull" to go from 8.2.rc1 to 8.2.rc2 on my OSX laptop, 
> and "make" launches the compilation of gcc 7.2 ?!?
> I had to do a "make dist-clean" for 8.2.beta7, since my install missed the 
> switch from gcc to clang on osx (
> So I assume that my installation is now using clang.
> I don't understand why the last git pull forces to switch back to gcc.
> Should I do a dist-clean again ? This is boring since I will then have to 
> re-install multiple optional packages + Cplex + Gurobi + etc. but 
> apparently I will have no other choice.
> Any intel is more than welcome.
> David.

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