I have compiled SageMath from the source, and I have installed the Sage 
Kernel into an existing Jupyter install that I have on my system with the 
following line from this source 
jupyter kernelspec install --user 

I have Ubuntu 16.04, so I have installed texlive texlive-math-extra 
texlive-xetex. I also added to my .bashrc the following line: export 
TEXINPUTS="SAGE_ROOT/local/share/texmf//:" . Then I checked that it worked 
with a few test lines. Of particular importance to me is to make sure that 
I can export a Sage Notebook as a pdf, which looks best if I select, in 
Jupyter, File -> Download as -> PDF via LaTeX. The Greek shows up fine in 
Notebook, but not when exporting, and I think I need to configure Notebook, 
but I'm not sure how.

I've attached a very simple document, where I declare a Greek letter 
variable, and then show it. This renders the greek letter in Notebook, but 
not in the PDF. Any thoughts on what to try?

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