The representation is indeed not canonical but the object compare coherently

sage: R.<t>=QQ[]
sage: (2*t+2)/(2*t)
(2*t + 2)/(2*t)
sage: (2*t+2)/(2*t) == (t+1)/t

The reason is that 2 is a unit in QQ. You can compare with

sage: R.<t>=ZZ[]
sage: (2*t+2)/(2*t)
(t + 1)/t

It would be nice to have better simplification rules for QQ (and more
generally fraction fields).


On 15/04/2018 21:37, dhr wrote:

Reduction of rational functions seems not to work in specific cases.
In the following output,

sage: R.<t>=QQ[]
sage: (2*t+2)/(2*t)
(2*t + 2)/(2*t)
sage: (2*t+2)/(2)
t + 1
sage: (2*t^2+2*t)/(2*t)
t + 1

2 is not reduced in the first calculation.

SageMath version 8.1

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