Thanks for the feedback so far. It seems that there are pros and cons to 
all of the options.

What about the following: We go with the somewhat random min(8, number of 
threads) and print a warning once if "number of threads" > 8 (telling the 
user to export SAGE_NUM_THREADS)? Note that this won't affect doctests as 
SAGE_NUM_THREADS=2 in that context.

That way, we provide a good experience for the typical laptop/desktop user 
and don't risk angry emails from admins after somebody convinced them to 
install Sage on their shiny server.

What do you think?


PS: I am also fine with "number of threads" as a default. But I am opposed 
to "1" as that provides a poor experience for the casual user who won't dig 
into the documentation to find out what's going on.

On Monday, July 9, 2018 at 6:35:22 PM UTC+2, Julian Rüth wrote:
> Hello.
> since Sage 8.2 sage.parallel.ncpus.ncpus() returns 1 if you have no 
> environment variables such as MAKE, SAGE_NUM_THREADS, MAKEOPTS set. 
> This number is used by the @parallel decorator and similar constructions 
> to determine the number of processes to run in parallel. (Unless during 
> doctests, then it's set to 2 I think.)
> The question is: What is a good default for things such as @parallel when 
> SAGE_NUM_THREADS has not been set? I think that 1 is not a good one. The 
> actual number of cores/threads on a system probably isn't either on servers 
> with lots of cores. At some point we had `min(8, number of threads)` which 
> appears reasonable to me.
> Please join the discussion at :)
> julian

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