Thank you, I found a binary of sage-8.8 for macOS 10.11.6 on the MIT mirror 
(but not in other europeen mirrors I tried), and it works !

Le mardi 13 août 2019 14:15:37 UTC+2, kcrisman a écrit :
> Thank you.
>> It looks like the problem has been solved in sage-8.8, unfortunably the 
>> binary is not available for macOS 10.11.6 but only for macOS 10.14.5.
>> And I tried to install binaries of sage-8.5, sage-8.6 and sage-8.7 for 
>> macOS 10.11.6 and nothing works on my computer (with 8.6 I have the same 
>> error, and with 8.5 I have a different one).
>> There is no way for macOS 10.11.6 users to install Sage without compiling 
>> it from source ?
> Most of those binaries for 10.11 were created by me, but maybe I forgot to 
> make one for 8.8.  It is possible that some of those others were created 
> with this bug, though I haven't seen this report before (not that I'm 
> checking the lists continually).  I'll try to rectify this, as well as make 
> one for 8.9 when it comes out.

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