> The UTMOST Project has been awarded its second National Science Foundation 
> Division of Undergraduate Education grant through the IUSE program.  This 
> two-year, $700,000 grant will extend previous results (Sage Cell server, 
> SageMathCloud, MathBook XML, and AIM Open Textbook Initiative) and conduct 
> an educational research study into the mixture of open online mathematics 
> textbooks, Sage, Sage cells, and SageMathCloud.
> There is specific support for enhancements to the open source Sage Cell 
> and SageMathCloud software, including covering hosting costs for the public 
> Sage Cell server as currently maintained by SageMath, Inc., and support for 
> Andrey Novoseltsev as maintainer.
Hey, that is GREAT news and congratulations to the team!!!

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