My name is Shiv ,final year Computer Science student at one of 
premier engineering college in India. IRC nick:sp1998
         I have done software eng. internship with one of big tech giant in 
Bay area last year,wanted to explore open source arena more deeper to 
enhance my knowledge further  this year.
         I have lot of experience with Graph theory,algebra, Python, 
C/C++,Optimization techniques.I find myself able to work on following 
interesting  ideas:-

        a) Polynomial optimisation and sums of squares (multiple projects)
        b) Addition of SPQR-tree to graph module

        I am little bit confused on how to start? How can i show my worth 
to you or should i directly focus on proposal or any bug patches first or 
discuss my solution first? I expect mentors of above projects help me.
        Please guide me from here on how to proceed further.


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