Dr Travis Scrimshaw 
                                 I am following this project idea for some 
time now. I am from IIT(BHU) pursuing my IDD(B.tech+M.tech degree) in 
metallurgical engineering, right now i am working on my master thesis on 
computational metallurgy. I am a profound knowledge of C++ and 
python(worked on some research projects ). I have already setup sage in my 
laptop and completed the tutorial and I have studied linear algebra in my 
university.I have watched lecture on Quantum Dilogarithms and Quantum 
Cluster Algebra <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkG1bz9818M&t=60s> . I 
have read some research papers on Quantum cluster algebras(Advances in 
Mathematics 195, Arkady Berenstein, Andrei Zelevinskyb(2005),CLUSTER 
<https://math.berkeley.edu/~williams/papers/CA.pdf>) and the references 
given in cluster seed documentary, right now i am reading the compendium on 
cluster algebra and quiver package in sage and your documentation on Quantum 
matrix coordinate algebras 
I am comfortable in reading research material on following topic as i 
am experienced in reading research papers. can you give some more 
references on quantum cluster algebras and I am a bit delayed because of 
some of my personal issues, i will forward you the basic implementation in 
2/3 days. 
       thank you,

please give any remark/ feedback that will help in implementation of 
quantum cluster algebra

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