Doing an incremental upgrade from 7.4.beta4, I was getting an error saying 
one of the eclib .so files was too short. So I did a force rebuild of eclib 
and another make, and now it is working. So I suspect it is due to #21474.


On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:18:56 PM UTC-5, Volker Braun wrote:
> As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
> branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 
> 0ae5fd8 Updated SageMath version to 7.4.beta5
> 41888c1 Trac #21474: Patch Boehm-Weiser gc so that ecl builds on 32-bit 
> Linux Docker images
> d9bd86d Trac #21473: cbc: Update dependencies
> dd443dd Trac #21460: py3 get rid of some xrange in schemes and other 
> folders
> a3970b1 Trac #21404: Replace PyString_FromString by PyBytes_FromString in 
> coerce_dict.pyx
> 26e7d0a Trac #21370: Multigraph plot and error with edge_colors
> 3f8a15e Trac #21340: LatticePoset: bug in testing semidistributivity
> ee83844 Trac #21247: py3 remove __cmp__ in lazy_import.pyx
> 74e977e Trac #20096: Make OpenBLAS standard instead of ATLAS
> be8593a Trac #21451: Upgrade lrslib to fix total brokenness on 32-bit 
> systems
> bc22494 Trac #21468: Fix a couple broken URLs
> db136e6 Trac #21463: adding some links to trac
> 99cd48c Trac #21464: py3: remove one cmp keyword in graphs
> 1b404f3 Trac #20495: Add a function to generate random lattice (poset)
> d71f499 Trac #18802: Python 3 preparation: Iterator protocol uses .next() 
> in Py2 but __next__() in Py3
> 5e7140a Trac #21458: Fix typo
> 006722d Trac #21447: Speed up evaluation of polynomials at Python ints
> ece4b5a Trac #21397: Fix (maybe) non-deterministic test failure in expect
> ad186d5 Trac #21342: Adieu, "Extra Readline Commands"
> a8c2f90 Trac #20895: Computing ordinary models of plane curves
> 0f9fa8a Trac #21462: py3 remove unused cmp in differential forms
> 966f239 Trac #21452: simplify/speed up {Integer,Rational}.__cinit__()
> 5a003fe Trac #21435: get rid of cmp comparison for words
> f047064 Trac #21427: implement show using embedded graph for ordered trees
> c04f8a2 Trac #21425: Fix initialization of PARI precision
> 5f0c420 Trac #21421: Package psutil
> f95b293 Trac #21375: py3 get rid of xrange inside combinat
> af82d8a Trac #20690: Live documentation in Jupyter using Thebe
> 253f662 Trac #20577: Various autodoc unforking
> 05ace73 Trac #20463: Pari segfault on Sage startup in Cygwin (2)
> 1d51e87 Trac #20233: `AbstractLinearCode.minimum_distance` fails with GAP 
> message for large fields
> 52b3ad2 Trac #11228: integer_rational_power problems
> 7abde0f Trac #21291: speed regression in is_package_installed
> e22bbb4 Updated SageMath version to 7.4.beta4

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