On Gentoo 1 failure:

sage -t --long src/sage/matrix/matrix_double_dense.pyx
File "src/sage/matrix/matrix_double_dense.pyx", line 668, in 
Failed example:
    A.condition()  # tol 1e-4
Tolerance exceeded:
    16332197709146.014 vs 16333848415071.576, tolerance 1e-04 > 1e-04

Now usually the tol spec if fairly close. But this way off.

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:18:56 PM UTC-5, Volker Braun wrote:
> As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
> branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 
> http://www.sagemath.org/download-latest.html 

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