Sage Debian Live 7.3 is out and accessible from Sage mirrors.

The main changes from 7.1 include:
  - make the help system modular (no more help content was added, but each
    module can now add its part of help),
  - Debian jessie switched from iceweasel to firefox-esr, which connects
    by default to some webpages containing tracking scripts. A module was
    created to mitigate this issue.
Release of 7.2 was skipped in favor of the strike against the labour reform 
that was held in France during its lifetime.

- info : https://sagedebianlive.metelu.net/
- download : https://www.sagemath.org/download-liveusb.html
- md5sum : 2f152c308d53750bc55b86e75fc99063
- sha256sum : c228fcdf6cef22b8785ee60ba5ec9f414a60ba4d39bf1094efee37fef14f4127


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