As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

163489e Updated SageMath version to 7.5.beta5
d1d859d Trac #22000: The coding conventions for INPUT: blocks have periods
0d7c45d Trac #21805: Use psutil instead of various hacks
909d9e1 Trac #12402: Make a three.js backend for 3d plotting
df2adac Trac #8181: cannot convert residue field elements back to p-adic 
f5afa90 Trac #21979: Wrong conversion from algebraic to interval
6d380f9 Trac #21947: Don't let "tightpage" in view cut tikz images
ee25e65 Trac #21647: Doctest continuation marker / combinat
4baf341 Trac #20692: Add sage-apply-patches helper script for use in 
spkg-install scripts
5944641 Trac #21988: Implement epimorphisms from finitely presented group.
21d920f Trac #21982: Py3: Unicode errors in docstrings
2306db0 Trac #21895: Better metaclass inference in dynamic classes
14b6fe7 Trac #21911: Docstring for IncidenceStructure.is_uniform has issues
d7e2d06 Trac #21949: some various typos
1490af2 Trac #21978: py3 richcmp in pyx files for finite rings
94b5b1d Trac #21970: py3 richcmp in function fields (pyx)
9acd3ad Trac #21967: little cleanup for universal cyclotomic field
20ea82e Trac #21964: py3 richcmp in 2 pyx files (in structure and symbolic 
8cc8ff5 Trac #21491: IndexError in integral_points_count of Polyhedron
056f5c6 Trac #21953: Chain complexes: implement shift (= translation = 
f022846 Trac #21929: Make "tightpage=True" the default behavior for view
04deb1f Trac #21925: Remove some deprecated code
dc97fb2 Trac #21960: Get rid of six.itervalues in Cython
0da1c25 Trac #21701: Compiling sagelib with clang on OS X (Sierra): failure 
in cythonized sage/symbolic/expression.pyx
cbb59f1 Trac #21962: Don't import max from builtins
abd7ed7 Trac #21961: Get rid of six.moves.range in Cython files (step 4)
2068019 Trac #21958: py3 richcmp in Laurent and power series (pyx files)
113c7c2 Trac #21955: py3 get rid of cmp() in two pyx files in modular folder
68a5e5a Trac #21938: Problem in the documentation of block design
0cd8bb6 Trac #21930: Add rank for hypergraphs
649379c Trac #21926: Deprecate unused stuff from sage/misc/
f9af853 Trac #21919: documentation of FiniteSetMaps(n) says it is over {1, 
2, ..., n}
e2729c8 Trac #21913: LatticePoset: Add certicate for 
1ca5b30 Trac #21908: Fix _ascii_art_ for 0 in a CombinatorialFreeModule
1b2e37c Trac #21607: Posets: with_linear_extension() and wrong constructor
4c9e162 Trac #21513: Package rst2ipynb
c4df8bb Trac #17147: Overriding checks to generate poset and lattice faster
aa2bcc1 Updated SageMath version to 7.5.beta4

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