On 02/12/16 14:47, Paul Masson wrote:
I see many instances of SAGE_SRC in the source code but not so many of
SAGE_LIB. I'm also not finding any documentation for SAGE_LIB. How are
people supposed to know what is considered the proper use of the two

How many of the package that you have installed on your computer rely
on the source being available?
As far as I am concerned SAGE_SRC should not be used at runtime.
One of the current problem with sage is it is not testable before being
installed. This is the only reason, in my opinion SAGE_SRC can still
sometimes being used in things that are installed. If it is needed for
doctesting. And sometimes for stuff the dev thinks are nice for
themselves but add not much value to an end user, and when there is
value, an alternative way could be pursued at low cost.

But functionality should not rely on anything under SAGE_SRC this is
a broken design.

In a standard sage install SAGE_LIB will default to
Since all the python files under SAGE_SRC/sage will be installed
under SAGE_LIB/sage the substitution should be one to one.


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