On Debian testing running on Core i7 + 16 Gb RAM, ptestlong passes with two 
transient timeouts :

sage -t --long src/sage/rings/function_field/function_field.py  # Timed out
sage -t --long src/sage/graphs/graph_generators.py  # Timed out

Both test pass when ran standalone. According to the log, both try 
(unsuccessfully) to invoke gdb for reasons that remain unscrutable to me 
(and, again, gdb *is* installed on the host). See enclosed log.


Emmanuel Charpentier

Le vendredi 4 août 2017 23:19:43 UTC+2, Volker Braun a écrit :
> As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
> branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 
> http://www.sagemath.org/download-latest.html
> e77531e Updated SageMath version to 8.1.beta1
> bf9df0d Trac #23425: Plotting External Rays on the Mandelbrot Set
> 35bdd1c Trac #23422: get rid of MapCombinatorialClass in root_systems
> 42c4742 Trac #23421: typos in doc of graph_latex
> 020880b Trac #23420: correct a few broken links
> da6be78 Trac #23398: python3 installs duplicate pip/setuptools
> c25a791 Trac #23386: invariants_of_degree not returning correct invariants
> ee974b0 Trac #23365: Add the crown poset
> 6d36112 Trac #23363: Documentation: adding options to "make ptestlong", 
> etc.
> 490a7ec Trac #23356: Another load of Replace 'if x != False' with 'if x', 
> etc.
> 79b3b75 Trac #23129: Remove most of the sage-location script
> b4bfe23 Trac #23567: py3: no more cmp in elliptic curves (almost)
> 7f54314 Trac #23562: py3: cleanup deprecated stuff from #21043
> 854abe3 Trac #23538: Support iterators in matroid methods
> 4dd4ea2 Trac #23507: Exact ring attached to a p-adic ring or field
> 58aa9e3 Trac #23331: Allow exact defining polynomials for p-adic extensions
> 7d33176 Trac #23355: affine hull of one point polyhedron
> 8c857be Trac #23334: Implementing Wells' Algorithm
> a7b1b35 Trac #23333: Improve calculation of sigma invariants for 
> projective morphisms
> 3df881b Trac #23257: Plotting the Mandelbrot set in Sage
> 5bdfb52 Trac #23203: A polynomial ring contains its basering
> 61ac235 Trac #23194: some_elements is trivial for fraction fields
> 0465d6d Trac #23193: some_elements is non-deterministic for function fields
> 34d1925 Trac #23099: Use rational_cuspidal_subgroup to compute a divisor 
> of the rational torsion order of an modular abelian variety
> 9255806 Trac #22967: image_of_hecke_algebra does not do what the docstring 
> and function arguments suggests
> 1669066 Trac #22778: improve _chomp_repr_
> 84f3df0 Trac #22208: Conversion from SR to number fields
> ea9d5c9 Trac #23564: py3: no more cmp for infinity rings
> 05a528e Trac #23563: py3: no more cmp in real set
> fea8000 Trac #23561: py3: get rid of __cmp__ and cmp in geometry folder
> feedac3 Trac #23559: py3: remove cmp in quotient rings
> 3af5a68 Trac #23557: py3: get rid of __cmp__ and cmp in modular folder 
> (almost)
> 6f2e55c Trac #22032: corner case in AlternatingSignMatrix
> a677e86 Trac #21719: improve test for #20693
> 51fd8bb Trac #20308: Generic zeta function method for schemes
> 42922c3 Trac #23550: Do not report test success
> 76be487 Trac #23514: numberfield.is_isomorphic() should return the map 
> with optional flag
> e807faf Trac #23498: Ship Sebastian Pancratz's deformation code
> f5776b4 Trac #23381: Construct matroid using RevLex-Index encoding
> aa2c798 Trac #23373: Fix structure coefficients for simple Lie algebras in 
> Chevalley basis
> 268a248 Trac #23179: Automatically wrap spkg-install scripts with 
> boilerplate
> 8e67ec7 Trac #23554: Fix pickling of Map
> 692ce10 Trac #20200: replace polred with polredbest in 
> optimized_representation within number_field.py
> 6d59058 Trac #14549: Memory leak in algebraic_immunity of BooleanFunction 
> class
> 12ece26 Trac #10184: class group iterator is too slow
> 8475df9 Trac #23535: bug in determinant of Matrix_mpolynomial_dense
> 23ffb9b Trac #23531: cleaning and plotting for FLP
> 02cb5e0 Trac #23530: cleaning and improvements for ASM
> f61f152 Trac #23503: Method denominator() for elements in CDVF
> da7856e Trac #23446: Implement plethysm of tensors of symmetric functions
> 17e8b80 Trac #23494: Monkey-patch inspect.isfunction() to support Cython 
> functions
> 9d553e8 Trac #23490: Correct __contains__ for Alternating Sign Matrix
> 01c5e0a Trac #23489: py3: no longer PyInt_GetMax
> a7564a2 Trac #23488: py3: do not use NTL_ZZ(str(something))
> 87fefa2 Trac #23479: Number field method to return absolute value with 
> respect to a place
> 0dac1f0 Trac #23477: py3: replace im_func by __func__
> 1e0ed38 Trac #23476: Create function to determine if an infinite place is 
> real or complex
> b4214f6 Trac #23475: py3: better handling of unicode repr in sage object
> cf1b634 Trac #23473: Integers(1)(1).is_one() should be True
> 004a885 Trac #23468: Small_primes_of_degree_one_iter sometimes returns 
> ideals that are not prime
> 2319277 Trac #23467: fix cardinality and iteration of univariate 
> polynomial ring quotients
> 511a24d Trac #23466: Add some more pxd files for flint
> 61dbc72 Trac #23460: py3: get rid of __cmp__ and cmp in hyperelliptic 
> curves
> 22e4ada Trac #23458: py3 : removal of cmp in symbolic folder
> 86f95f9 Trac #23454: improve CM testing for elliptic curves over number 
> fields
> 38f662f Updated SageMath version to 8.1.beta0

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