As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

e6cae6d88d (tag: 8.2.beta5, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
9dd4282d36 Trac #24660: Memory leak in SubgraphSearch
b9aa268ecd Trac #24639: Enumerating greedy linear extensions
c795e950c9 Trac #24636: Rivin's test for circumcribability and 
d70b6a253a Trac #24629: fix R build on Solaris 11
4f53f24d1f Trac #24628: Build PCRE without JIT if needed
867f4c9761 Trac #24618: fplll fails to build on SunOS
92ac632d04 Trac #24611: Singular fails to build on SunOS
ac14d82c6f Trac #24590: bug in inverse_image of module homomorphism
38e8a65eec Trac #24313: py3: fixes to sage.misc.temporary_file
b899601826 Trac #24239: Implement soliton cellular automata
7d0ca44142 Trac #24139: Allow baseline to be given as part of ascii_art and 
94da5b67c1 Trac #24656: Fix bug in type E bijection from cythonizing 
e8c626f7da Trac #24615: interface libgap floats
9c146ffcb2 Trac #24608: Remove deprecated PowerSeries._floordiv_
6b689d3bfa Trac #23978: Rich comparison for Modules
70c254125d Trac #24634: add .is_polyhedral method to graphs
2d1615636e Trac #24175: Optimizations to generating rigged configurations
7be8a667e9 Trac #24141: Optimizations to Kleber tree
8a2e3ed425 Trac #24035: Normal forms for TorsionQuadraticModules
9b223d74de Trac #24633: Add jump count for a linear extension
0da6392254 Trac #24632: Add is_greedy() to linear extension.
e185837226 Trac #24631: Faster jump number for posets
4387613c32 Trac #24619: giac fails to build on SunOS
58fdd676a4 Trac #24516: Cygwin test failures in lseries_ell
ab3c1c8da7 Trac #24411: Move gamma functions into their own file
79f648c706 Trac #23714: GAP matrices
295b129a35 Trac #22921: Implementation of shifted tableaux
c5248314f7 Trac #24625: Some small improvements to polynomial_complex_arb
d842b25062 Trac #24624: Stop using new_t_POL_from_int_star from cypari2
75e3f2960a Trac #24617: Infinite process recursion with Solaris make
bb2b730403 Trac #24614: Deprecate args of Parent_old.__init__
505af6e57c Trac #24613: Remove actions from old coercion model
b200dbae27 Trac #24610: Change richcmp() to a cpdef inline function
2a71f44dae Trac #24607: Add abstract _add_ and _mul_ methods to RingElement
6296a31f22 Trac #24606: Forgotten check_error in maxima spkg-install
f5259142ff Trac #24602: upgrade iconv to 1.15
e7fe097bf3 Trac #24597: Properly set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in spkg-build for 
python2/3 on SunOS
69951df4c2 Trac #24584: Add the power poset
8e3fde343d Trac #24431: Fix coercions and pushout for Laurent series
f313460743 Trac #24381: New Parent method _convert_method_map
9f2efaef78 Trac #24357: Two bugs in NumberField.composite_fields()
56c322343a Trac #24223: py3: several string conversion fixes
b79f27f2c6 Trac #24071: Improve docstring of 
950bdd8145 Trac #23696: Update matplotlib to 2.1.0
36849d6c3e Trac #22928: Conversion between gmpy2 and sage objects
5473d304bb Trac #5574: Implement QQbar^QQ as action
129faa0c39 Trac #24599: Internal compiler error when compiling 
giac- with gcc-7.2.0
07f53b23c4 Trac #24600: another typo ticket
52cd6b86d0 Trac #24563: Workaround for small race condition in parallel 
doctest runner
80fecaaf95 Trac #24418: Doctest: bug 
919ef40bb8 Trac #21092: Unhandled case in EllipticCurve_from_cubic
a3ee07f891 Trac #12426: Make Sage build with clang (3.7+) and make it the 
default on OS X
ed50684b29 Trac #24517: random failure in sage/geometry/
0a674fd488 (tag: 8.2.beta4) Updated SageMath version to 8.2.beta4

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