As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

3750eaa411 (tag: 8.2.beta7) Updated SageMath version to 8.2.beta7
c6fc4193d4 Trac #24703: Everything should be rebuilt after GCC upgrade
2e2a69c75c Trac #24772: Encoding fixes to the doctest module
6e3e9d6c11 Trac #24813: py3: Miscellaneous small fixes for sage.arith
a990a92f51 Trac #24810: _mul_ for IntegralLattices
3796ed7999 Trac #24831: py3: remove __cmp__ in categories/functor
87d791e0aa Trac #24829: zero_matrix() should pass the correct zero
9734864877 Trac #24818: Bug in genus of a quadratic form
7c12eda717 Trac #24814: Don't abuse prepare_dict() in ChainComplex
11ba8c5297 Trac #24773: Delayed/Conditional Substitution
d906dc42d8 Trac #24588: py3: several long/int related fixes
5442f6226d Trac #24827: Doctest failures in fricas interface
c191117f78 Trac #24635: make vertex_connectivity faster if only a lower 
bound is required.
f1e208372b Trac #24799: Raising NotImplemented
deaa572ec5 Trac #24803: fixing some bad use of raise
8e985ebea4 Trac #24789: py3: updates to sage.interfaces.qsieve
58bc11397d Trac #24573: bug in creating graphic matroid with explicit 
groundset labels
196d3cc383 Trac #24391: DynkinDiagram.marked_nodes doesn't work
b0d74897a9 Trac #19628: lazy_import breaks CachedRepresentation
7640d68cb6 Trac #24702: Intersections and saturations of 
FreeQuadraticModules have the wrong ambient module
76ae35b3b1 Trac #24787: Fix indentation in sage.misc.randstate
0fb74a8f7e Trac #24794: py3: remove some commented __cmp__ (for cleanup)
a77a2f0bd8 Trac #24781: another branch of typos
d61e7dedd5 Trac #24777: Chromatic number of the empty graph by MILP
884072c50c Trac #24796: py3: sort repr of OrlikSolomonAlgebra
44c25dc927 Trac #24795: py3: fix pickling of 
6c18344f3e Trac #24720: Totally silent mode for cython()
e67f4fbd16 Trac #23701: new standard package libatomic_ops
88dc0cfa59 Trac #24780: py3: convert a few more classes to new-style classes
186207a5d8 Trac #24778: py3: fix some minor doctest failures in 
6ad7c8a7e2 Trac #24759: Sort the repr of PolyDict by its dict keys
f75e7b6bc8 Trac #24771: Miscellaneous fixes to the doctest module
e32b57a4c5 Trac #24770: Doctest: use new-style classes
3d5cc7aed2 Trac #24729: Add --with-python=3 configure flag to replace 
ba0d124149 Trac #24724: Capture warning/errors messages in sage.misc.cython
d87395f04c Trac #24686: Integration of piecewise analytic complex functions 
using arb
c8015d7a71 Trac #24531: Replace ratpoints by PARI
50a97b3777 Trac #24763: Run scripts with sage-python23
43a39f6c1b Trac #24744: implementation of boomerang connectivity table
93020a4eb1 (tag: 8.2.beta6) Updated SageMath version to 8.2.beta6

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