As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

303efaa461 (tag: 8.2.rc2) Updated SageMath version to 8.2.rc2
ddc916154c Trac #25056: Fix the Sage banner
68b9379ceb Trac #25113: OSX is f*ed up sometimes
58706293f1 Trac #25088: Fix miscellaneous issues with Jmol, particularly on 
newer Java versions
08ce905a91 Trac #25047: Add sage --ipython3 command
9a36e82434 Trac #25082: Fix symbolic power of matrix
df7c9bc07a Trac #25077: Broken doctest involving TotallyOrderedFiniteSet
fb44c97e90 Trac #25024: PCRE fails to build on Linux i686
9d672d3229 Trac #24484: nbconvert broken after the upgrade to Jupyter 5.2.1
f2db3b809b Trac #25050: Allow braid computation for more links
fb9f38a4ae (tag: 8.2.rc1) Updated SageMath version to 8.2.rc1

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