As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at

c59b6881d8 (tag: 8.7.beta6, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
1410d220ab Trac #27379: Speed up coercions
93923a826c Trac #27001: py3: fix pip_installed_packages
6f4efa962a Trac #27381: Use of -valgrind/--valgrind in doctesting is broken
579dcfca6c Trac #27378: Py3: Fix for python3
59c9d07b0e Trac #27371: coxeter_diagram() of relabeled Cartan types should 
attempt to relabel their base Coxeter diagram
c79e04f661 Trac #27362: Setting PYTHONPATH in spkg-install for pip is 
20c3d7a1b8 Trac #27238: use system's gf2x if available
5717cdd07d Trac #25614: 2 internet doctest failing in misc/persist.pyx
0218ccfee5 Trac #23024: Replacement of sage/libs/ppl.pyx by pplpy
b5905c6bd7 Trac #27380: fix gap_packages install on OSX
3985cf3666 Trac #27361: MR8: fix doctest for an undated sequence
f8252a7ded Trac #27353: Coerce_dict deprecations and documention updates
dc7b849a5c Trac #27349: py3 compatible test for the category of finite 
05319047a1 Trac #27357: remove deprecation in finite state machines
eba7d0f3c4 Trac #27356: remove one deprecated file in species
2419827a91 Trac #27355: remove deprecated stuff in pbori.pyx
9f32d7ee13 Trac #27344: py3: fix some doctests about hash for real and 
complex double
ce983fe476 Trac #27342: py3: some tiny fixes in numerical folder
d526ff1cf0 Trac #27245: py3: fix doctests in generic_graph (part 9) -- 
bbea55c96e Trac #27335: Out-of-bounds memory access in PARI isprime() 
b58cc78594 Trac #27267: Segfaults in cypari2 when running out of stack 
during deep object deallocation
4ab5e8ed62 Trac #27345: details in quasisymmetric functions
cea95db339 Trac #27343: py3: various tiny fixes
22b485e035 Trac #27340: Update git-trac instructions in developer's guide
5fb4d426a2 Trac #27179: py3: fix doctest in generic_graph (part 2) -- 
613a369840 Trac #27065: py3: handle the explain_pickle problem
bf8228587a Trac #27332: py3: Fix printing of microseconds in timeit
7422882f6c Trac #27329: Polyhedron/base: very minor "fixes"
2d21b7cbfc Trac #27322: Fix indentation in 'solve' docstring
5fc7c83a15 Trac #27338: Fix Trac reference in doctest for ticket 15669
bd7dbaa092 Trac #27337: Deprecate imports in sage.tests.all: no need to 
important into global namespace
94d773a9db Trac #10599: implicit_plot3d should be able to handle functions 
with AlgebraicNumber values
2b366fa439 Trac #27341: spring cleanup in Hasse diagrams
34a9911ffb Trac #27256: Re-enable USE_TLS=1 when building OpenBLAS SPKG
217cb83113 (tag: 8.7.beta5) Updated SageMath version to 8.7.beta5

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