As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 

bcc2e0d43e (tag: 8.9.beta0, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
6fd12b8338 Trac #27978: sha1-based configure versioning
126cea296d Trac #28049: polynomial is_zero() ignores exceptions
7ee55a4c41 Trac #28046: Improving the weight_function check in 
_check_weight_function method
cf9ba24604 Trac #28038: MR21: Add tolerance for maxima atan2
80b436acab Trac #28037: topcom should not set itself up as default "engine".
b6abe47a95 Trac #28033: MR20: Add zlib as a gap dependency
75adc6a123 Trac #28029: Increase number of tries in unpack_archive
a21fd0bbe6 Trac #28021: Update m4ri SPKG.txt with new web page
205e88d2fb Trac #28018: MR17: boost is a build time dependency
7b65fbd824 Trac #28017: document how to implement coercion for actions, 
using _act_on_ and _acted_upon_
cf78fe788b Trac #28014: MR16: Avoid creating files with name length > 255
53afb1e983 Trac #28011: MR15: Remove gsl as a stated dependency of iml
4be34eb7b7 Trac #28010: MR14: Update "Maintained" to 2019 for DockerHub 
4abf1fa505 Trac #28007: Keep upstream three.js directory structure
4f2eaad74c Trac #28006: upgrade e-antic to 0.1.3
33923d2e63 Trac #28005: make sure SAGE_SPKG_CONFIGURE_GCC is called early
ca0054b153 Trac #28004: Package awali, a software platform for computing 
finite automata
60680449ca Trac #28002: py3: last test in tests/
f0581995d4 Trac #28001: Rename BooleanFunction.absolut_indicator to 
3ce1911c96 Trac #27991: fix a flaky doctest in libs/giac
39d109771a Trac #27990: py3: fix optional package coxeter3
b12586f54a Trac #27989: remove _r_action_ and _l_action_ from docs, and code
3685e94e01 Trac #27988: py3: fix optional dot2tex doctest
a3ac88671e Trac #27979: Add missing implementation in Macaulay2 interface
b2d6121f50 Trac #27977: Py3: Fix crystals.kirillov_reshetikhin for python3
d0eda81c91 Trac #27976: py3: fix one doctest in doctest folder
8a9ed18f64 Trac #27975: py3: fix last doctest in ext folder
38008dbeff Trac #27971: py3 failures in sage/misc/ and
0f616e7159 Trac #27968: update sagetex to version 3.3
8b76e0cb1e Trac #27965: py3: fix the last doctest in geometry
ff893dbf8f Trac #27964: py3: fix one doctest in cpython folder
3f1a024f66 Trac #25666: Interface GSL Monte Carlo with sage
f6afe0ba82 Trac #27963: remove deprecated call without names in symbolic
69c8e04d10 Trac #27962: remove deprecation in matrix double dense
360bcb9f5e Trac #27960: py3: add 2 more known passing folders
2272f0dbcd Trac #27947: remove some deprecated stuff in symbolics
11cc11638f Trac #27946: libgap: distinct __str__ and __repr__ for 
754e2d95a1 Trac #27945: Py3: Fix for 
0e8fb5d32a Trac #27941: R installation fails on macOS with libcurl from 
80df494fbe Trac #27932: Three.js: Support vector field plots
e61730b229 Trac #27926: Preserve backend for polytopal constructions
9686e67c09 Trac #27916: using more lazy imports
8f696f5e07 Trac #27911: Do not restric to a predefined list
0d01f39a01 Trac #27908: py3: fix doctests in multi_polynomial_ideal and 
cd0d445520 Trac #27896: Fix hiding of TESTS in documentation
60e3eb1885 Trac #27886: Misc pip upgrades again
fe381ff497 Trac #27865: Refactor GraphicsArray, fixing various issues
62245722f1 Trac #27848: Deprecate to_sage() and structure_sheaf() in 
Macaulay2 interface
34a4934abd Trac #27703: Tutorial about vector calculus
579eb9c670 Trac #27571: py3: automorphism_group, canonical_label, 
canonical_form and doctest in MathonPseudocyclicStronglyRegularGraph
9279a0fb7d Trac #27514: Cygwin docbuild fails
9f6118d6e9 Trac #27478: Weird SkewTableau
17f5643097 Trac #26993: Allow multiplication of function field elements 
with differentials from compatible fields
5546e6f94b Trac #25977: A Goppa code class
d4d63f5171 Trac #25366: Expose the function intervalproducts from Harvey's 
980ed01869 Trac #20102: test fixed series expansion of powers of functions 
at poles
e58caadd54 Trac #15334: Evaluation of Jacobi elliptic functions for 
non-real arguments depends on previously computed values
162b1f2b52 Trac #28061: Unreliable evaluation SR -> RealBallField for the 
erf function
5596d358c4 Trac #27970: libgd compiled with vpx support can has 
matrix_mod2_dense to fail to load, lah
3574dd8c2d Trac #27721: Add wrappers around flint headers in Sage
b5c9cf037c (tag: 8.8, trac/master) Updated SageMath version to 8.8

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