As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 

95ea5f39d9 (HEAD -> develop, tag: 8.9.beta2, trac/develop) Updated SageMath 
version to 8.9.beta2
cd18186c46 Trac #28125: Fix typo in formatted string
b31a5b3fc2 Trac #28124: Breadth typo
d6fdb18bf4 Trac #28122: Fix a docstring in free_module in orders of number 
a1792759ba Trac #28115: Add .vscode to gitignore
488c0e9f0f Trac #28111: Insert missing newline in Morphism_abstract class
6b42a45dbf Trac #28079: Py3: Fix doctest in 
11cacd9b43 Trac #28051: removing .keys in modular
f4e62a66d4 Trac #28139: py3 failure in rings/morphism.pyx
0102074a7a Trac #28133: small cleanup in modular miscellany
7f49b94616 Trac #28087: use "with open" in docbuild init
37d296d368 Trac #28081: Figure/command line does not display in the online 
ac200efaf9 Trac #28075: Set terminal_echo=False in Mathematica interface
dab842919b Trac #28065: Rational Preimages of Non-endomorphisms
3361a618fc Trac #28055: faster random binary tree
1fa83ac52e Trac #28047: remove a bunch of useless final ; in code
19ae45625d Trac #28043: map_coefficients for power series
c178d630e9 Trac #28032: Automorphism group for some degree 1 maps
d9c25adb88 Trac #28031: implement Rees product of posets
4ddeccdee4 Trac #28028: Enhance change_ring method on morphisms to use 
canonical embedding when possible, give clearer error in other cases
6cfa9275a4 Trac #28026: missing parameter in critical_point_portrait for 
dynamical systems
00cfa4713b Trac #28009: minor details about % 2 in combinat
3d5c86d8bf Trac #28003: some enhancements to the usage of join
b9158a0e89 Trac #28140: py3: progress on symbolic/expression.pyx
a9766d06ab Trac #28138: py3: misc/
dc3eccc5a7 Trac #28129: Check whether a graph is triconnected
297dbc402e Trac #28127: 1 internet doctest failing in (Avogadro's)
871274ece9 Trac #28102: more folders in py3-known-passing
693a2fa6aa Trac #27852: Refactor structure of RSK
a0cc8896b0 Trac #27319: Upgrade to Cryptominisat 5.6.8
0e64def4a2 Trac #27999: Add sage.libs.giac to reference manual
b9d408211e Trac #27994: Name mismatch on affine space and projective space 
b3bfc68747 Trac #27876: Improved printing for IntegralLattices
6d360838fc Trac #19150: Moving in sage.combinat.words
47fccfc7da Trac #27966: Set chromatic polynomial of looped graph to zero
0e0c0fdadc Trac #27996: py3: Fix doctests in optional Mathematica interface
6854137575 Trac #27995: normal_form should Return the Embedding when 
working over a Finite Field
6204754fbd Trac #27992: sanity check parameter added to prime_list in 
55557d2626 Trac #27985: Make dynatomic polynomial coerce base ring
41657c6040 Trac #27983: Add monic=True option for chebyshev creator
2a677d8639 Trac #27982: Make Lattes map for projective space coerce base 
2a14fbee0a Trac #27981: Typos in Polyhedron documentation
90c939f185 Trac #27980: various typos, once more
7e15b39e4f Trac #27969: Typos in HyperplaneArrangements documentation
0ceec37ee9 Trac #27951: Add monomial() method to univariate polynomial rings
aa9c1bd259 Trac #27944: remove deprecation of mobius
f2d1165d27 Trac #27765: UserWarning when factoring polys over NumberFields
0865db5326 Trac #28121: arb-related fixes/improvements
d2699627d0 Trac #28105: move some combinat references to master 
bibliographic file
ab76bb3d77 Trac #28098: Shortest path fix for the case that no path exists
7db4af132b Trac #28089: some work on the category of affine Weyl groups
e7b18f0e79 Trac #28085: various lgtm fixes
67cf8b3e50 Trac #28083: MR26: Remove sanity check for NEW_SAGE_ROOT and 
assume that if a user passes this, it is correct
d95854509f Trac #28078: braid groups are infinite
19d015de93 Trac #28077: shortest_path() goes through remains of deleted 
DiGraph edges
2f9f7f9803 Trac #28072: Issue in calculus on manifolds with incomplete set 
of transition maps
7c27d9ed8f Trac #28069: py3: fix lrs features
acc4f821dc Trac #28067: py3: one more fix in French book
10aecf4669 Trac #28064: deprecate a few invariants commands in global 
f249084227 Trac #28063: better handling of Fricas unsolved integrals
ffa9691f98 Trac #28050: improve performance of 
18230a8711 Trac #28035: py3 fix in misc/
7151cb45c1 Trac #27948: py3: fix doctests with optional package plantri
e29141afb5 Trac #27825: spkg-configure.m4 for libgd
444a14caaf Trac #28030: MR19: Update conda instructions
19c0da64ac Trac #27823: spkg-configure.m4 for iconv
a9a1059e1a Trac #27469: bug in is_norm for relative number field extensions
32ad040dc9 Trac #27161: Documentation for Tate algebras
7e59cdd5c4 Trac #26887: Implement the class CombinatorialPolyhedron
5a81a99d8d Trac #26151: Kummer surface functionality fails
485d3ac266 Trac #25130: Move sage-dist-helpers from src/bin to build/bin
574c235be0 Trac #28048: fix gap workspace name on Python3
175f10a3de Trac #26954: Upgrade to gcc 7.4.0 and build gcc and gfortran 
without isl
d1d7948d09 (tag: 8.9.beta1) Updated SageMath version to 8.9.beta1

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