As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 

a1e1a8f721 (tag: 8.9.beta3, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
0d04feb43b Trac #28101: update giac to 1.5.0-63
d8968a027d Trac #28088: update GAP to 4.10.2
16aca5f5c7 Trac #25097: Algebraic polyhedra with Normaliz / e-antic
f6eb46be0f Trac #28196: remove some deprecated stuff in modular
26864c1dfe Trac #28193: remove deprecated alias in hyperbolic geodesics
a0b76ad35f Trac #28044: some changes in titles of some categories
6620cad3c9 Trac #28194: remove some deprecated aliases in groups
98b23196c3 Trac #28185: more lazy imports in combinat
e9e347b652 Trac #28160: Subword Complementaries
af518b719b Trac #28186: cleanup of misc/flatten
7d6a302653 Trac #28171: new harvest of typos
df3a9c9abf Trac #28168: refresh the QMU exporter for cluster quivers
fca5068c36 Trac #28148: sigma_invariants() bug over FunctionFields
ad4b690b87 Trac #28039: convert macaulay2 hash tables to sage dicts
422f1eb353 Trac #27997: Change spelling of Arxiv to arXiv
d8e02b03ff Trac #25243: is postcritically finite failure for extensions
ccd3204d5b Trac #28183: typo in words module
be1db3ee61 Trac #28178: get rid of ETupleIter
f00488e3d2 Trac #28177: py3 fix for combinat/
8a34a83bc9 Trac #28174: Fixed typo for dehomogenization of non-endomorphisms
835b17a7c4 Trac #28164: Change an existing exercise in comprehension 
f724bd72c6 Trac #28151: Upgrade R to 3.6.1
cde5d58c2d Trac #27882: Cythonize graph_coloring
eb4f7acde4 Trac #28086: MR27: Remove use of installed_packages for threejs
2700512230 Trac #27928: Implement Lex DFS
8f31857dad Trac #28112: py3: Fix hash function of Integer
bd461f9bf5 Trac #19154: duplicate method in finite_words: lps_lengths, 
ac097b0300 Trac #28153: py3 fix and typos in combinatorial polyhedron
503a10e9b3 Trac #28024: Add FractionField support to specialization
bd7de65f45 Trac #28141: q(n)-crystal on shifted primed tableaux
365987b4c3 Trac #28131: latte interface broken with Python 3
7e9a8ac4ae Trac #28130: MR28: Add orthographic camera option to three.js 
e96d999d0d Trac #28118: py3: fix gap_package optional doctest in linear_code
95ea5f39d9 (tag: 8.9.beta2) Updated SageMath version to 8.9.beta2

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