On Ubuntu 18.04 running on bi-Xeon E5-2623 (8 cores) + 16 GB RAM:

*- python2: *

  - build (-j16) from a fresh git clone completed, with the mirror issue 
for gap-4.10.2.tar.bz2 reported by Thierry (cf. 

  - all tests from ptestlong passed

*python3: *

  - a first attempt to build (-j16) from a fresh git clone hanged (no CPU 
activity for ~ 10 minutes) without any error message after

[ipywidgets-7.4.2]     running install_scripts
[ipywidgets-7.4.2]     writing list of installed files to 
[ipywidgets-7.4.2]     Running setup.py install for ipywidgets: finished 
with status 'done'
[ipywidgets-7.4.2]   Removing source in /tmp/pip-req-build-0nx5ty22
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Successfully installed ipywidgets-7.4.2
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Cleaning up...
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Removed build tracker '/tmp/pip-req-tracker-ehuwucce'
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] real    0m1.924s
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] user    0m1.686s
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] sys    0m0.274s
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Copying package files from temporary location 
/home/eric/sage/py3/local/var/tmp/sage/build/ipywidgets-7.4.2/inst to 
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Successfully installed ipywidgets-7.4.2
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Deleting temporary build directory
[ipywidgets-7.4.2] Finished installing ipywidgets-7.4.2.spkg

Ending the build with CTRL-C and starting again with
MAKE="make -j16" make
eventually completed the build.

  - tests from ptest-python3 passed, except for 1 permanent doctest:

sage -t --long --warn-long 51.1 
File "src/sage/rings/polynomial/polynomial_rational_flint.pyx", line 2055, 
Failed example:
    G = f.galois_group(); G
    Transitive group number 5 of degree 4
    Exception (FLINT memory_manager). Unable to allocate memory.
    Transitive group number 5 of degree 4

This is the same error as that reported by Emmanuel in 


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