As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 

It is nearing the end of the 8.9 merge window, so if you want something 
merged then this is your last chance.

I'm inclined to name the next version 9.0. In particular, we now have 
Python 3 support that, while not perfect, is at least usable so we should 
mark that with a new major version. Also point-9 is a natural place to 
switch. If you want to voice your opinion on that issue: now is the time ;-)

4583b4056e (tag: 8.9.beta8, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
6565e63ee9 Trac #28373: new big bag of typos
0052843038 Trac #28297: Small optimizations to arithmetic in number fields 
of degree > 2
a9f414a6f8 Trac #28057: Adding precision in computing the generators of the 
period lattice of an elliptic curve.
40c5efa0c8 Trac #28365: Use something instead of time() to ensure Manifold 
uniqueness in tests
bd8504c9e8 Trac #28335: Cythonize Yen_k_shortest_simple_paths and 
c1d5763dc3 Trac #28147: Remove _derivative from Polynomial_template
ef1517da96 Trac #28056: Sboxes Maintenance
05bd7671a2 Trac #26098: Implement L-functions using the PARI library
c050128f4a Trac #20755: Bug in solve due to a bug in 
2a4bfffc48 Trac #28353: var() with single-element list/tuple crashes with 
unhandled TypeError
0a45dfc784 Trac #28371: py3: errors with optional package CSDP
5ab84a6fb3 Trac #28369: Improve progress report in gitlab-ci
a8599952c3 Trac #28367: MR30: Update -py3 suffix
56f7684a57 Trac #28346: Use dots instead of precision in polynomial_element
8edd3f2797 Trac #28201: small cleanup of databases/cremona
1b7d07b6cc Trac #27573: PRESENT Block Cipher
5f22d242b6 Trac #28321: py3: rationals can not be initialized from a pair 
of big Python ints
b972100c84 Trac #24494: Deprecate set_planar_positions()
42eb5103aa Trac #28364: MR29: Update faq-usage.rst
047992b031 Trac #28361: Implement parameter external_face of layout_planar()
ae73a81a59 Trac #28343: Three.js: Support basic mesh plots
7e623eddb1 Trac #28116: Cython 0.29.12
7508513e65 Trac #28108: Py3: ValueError in graph_generators doctests with 
plantri optional package
a98c0ab16f Trac #28347: Add as_integer_ratio() for Integer, Rational, 
RealNumber, RealDoubleElement
431187f776 Trac #28344: Fix some issues with submanifolds and improve their 
7c0d719021 Trac #28342: spkg-configure.m4 for m4ri, m4rie, givaro
5d6ac68f68 Trac #28228: Semistandard super tableau and standard super 
tableau for superRSK
7d561d89cf (tag: 8.9.beta7) Updated SageMath version to 8.9.beta7

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