Le 26/08/2019 à 12:06, Eric Gourgoulhon a écrit :
Le lundi 26 août 2019 00:37:50 UTC+2, Volker Braun a écrit :

I'm inclined to name the next version 9.0. In particular, we now have
Python 3 support that, while not perfect, is at least usable so we should
mark that with a new major version. Also point-9 is a natural place to
switch. If you want to voice your opinion on that issue: now is the time ;-)


I am fine switching to 9.0 with the meaning that it is Python 3 usable
(though there are some annoying things like #28321 that gets merged
in the last beta). If we do so I think that this release then should
come with Python 3 binaries (Isuru Fernando made it possible on conda
and Julian Rüth set up docker images).

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