> It does not work. I will try rebuilding from scratch...

After rebuilding from scratch from a git clone, the SSL problem disapeared:

│ SageMath version 8.9.beta8, Release Date: 2019-08-25               │
│ Using Python 2.7.15. Type "help()" for help.                       │
sage:  oeis([3,7,15,1], max_results=4)
0: A001203: Simple continued fraction expansion of Pi.
1: A240698: Partial sums of divisors of n, cf. A027750.
2: A082495: a(n) = (2^n - 1) mod n.
3: A165416: Irregular array read by rows: The n-th row contains those 
distinct positive integers that each, when written in binary, occurs as a 
substring in binary n.

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