> On Aug 25, 2019, at 15:37 , Volker Braun <vbraun.n...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git branch. 
> Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 
> http://www.sagemath.org/download-latest.html 

Deja vu all over again :-}  As with 8.9-b6 and -b7, the build, from a fresh 
clone of the develop branch, worked w/o problems, on three macOS systems: 
10.11.6 (mid-2015 MBP, Quad-core i7), 10.13.6 (2017 iMac Pro, 18-core Xeon W), 
and 10.14.6 (2017 MBP, Quad-core Core i7).

Testing (‘ptestlong’):
- all tests passed on 10.11.6 and 10.14.6
- test failures in one file on 10.13.6:
1 item had failures:
1 of  12 in sage.libs.singular.polynomial.singular_polynomial_call
 [55 tests, 1 failure, 406.69 s]
sage -t --long --warn-long 70.3 src/sage/libs/singular/polynomial.pyx  # 1 
doctest failed

For 8.9-b6, the test failed twice when run by itself.
For 8.9-b7, the test passed twice when run by itself.
This time, 8.9-b8, the test failed twice when run by itself.


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